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Vendors... The life-blood of every business

Venminder Vendor Questionnaire Generator

Throughout the vetting process, Venminder clients need the ability to create specific questionnaires to send to their vendors. This need is met by answering the given questions, choosing a template, previewing and sending to the vendor. This is a prototype demonstrating the flow. View the wireframes, High fidelity screens, or the clickable prototype below.

Design Process

This was a design exercise that required a very quick turn-around!

First and foremost, UI should be self-explanatory, straight to the point and simple. The UI I created is somewhat basic and minimal but for good reason. The user should always come first. The user persona is an office manager or a secretary most likely with a minimal staff. Someone who doesn’t have a lot of time, has to multi-task and get things done quickly. Therefore the interface should have as few screens as possible and require very few steps to fulfill the task(s). I chose an accordion style layout for two main reasons:

Rough Wireframes

Hi-Fidelity Flow


View the Prototype Here
(Best viewed on Tablet or desktop)